Beyond the Bag

Green FieldsLocal. Sustainable. Sincere.

You'’ll find these qualities in every bag we deliver from Hometown Harvest.


The benefits of eating locally is probably what drew you to Hometown Harvest to begin with. We bring the farmers market to you by putting the freshest produce available nearby in your hands within a day or two of harvest. Your vegetables aren’'t shipped from overseas or sitting in a store for weeks.


Our standards for sustainability are through the roof. It’'s not enough for farmers to simply be certified organic in our book; we demand that farming practices renew and benefit the environment or we will not buy produce from that farm. For example, we insist on pasture-raised poultry and meats not just because they taste better and are more nutritious, but because grazing animals maintain the quality of the land and live a good life. If this means that we are occasionally out of a certain item, so be it. We won’'t compromise for the sake of profits.


Everyone involved in Hometown Harvest—from our suppliers to our bag packers, drivers, and web team—are 100% committed to providing the best farm market experience possible for our customers. We do our homework about each and every product so you don'’t have to. If you ever have a problem, we will bend over backwards to make it right.


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