Getting Started

Every week, we send out a menu outlining what fruits and veggies will be available the following week. Assuming you have one of our small, medium, or large bags preselected as a reoccurring order, you can then add to what items are coming next week, and/or customize the contents of your bag. We bring in produce each day, specifically for your order. This allows us to cut down on waste, our carbon footprint, and to help ensure you are getting the freshest stuff possible.

Once you have created your account and submitted your order you will receive our "Welcome Email" within 24-48 business hours. The email will include your delivery day, date of your first delivery, and other information pertinent to your delivery.

You then will receive our weekly email (every Friday), which will include the following week's menu. At that time, if you have a Custom bag ordered, you will be able to make your changes. You will also be able to add any of our many extra items.

No. We do not require any commitment. There is no membership fee and there are no delivery fees. The only cost to you is the cost of the items that you receive. We do have a refundable $1.50 bag deposit. This is refunded back to you when you return the bag each week. If you decide to keep the bag, no problem.

A recurring order is an order that automatically generates each week, or every other week. This way, if you forget to log in, you will still receive your bag of fresh, healthy goodies.

No, but many of our growers participate in CSAs. Just like a CSA, you are supporting local agriculture with your order, but unlike a CSA, you can complete customize your experience.


We currently deliver to parts of Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, and we are sprouting new routes all the time. Please check out our "Delivery" page for specific areas.

We have both night and day routes. Your delivery day and time will depend on when our truck is traveling through your area. Please check out our "How It Works" page.

We recommend setting out a cooler or one of our porch boxes to protect your bags from the elements, whatever the weather or time of day. We find that this keeps the items fresher protected for hours longer than just sitting on the porch.

We do deliver to apartment buildings and condos, and prefer to deliver to the first floor, if possible. Ideally if there is a 24-hour desk/concierge, we will leave the delivery with them. (We do request that the customer make them aware that we will be making a delivery.)

If it is a secured building we may need a door code/call box number to enter the building. If possible a cooler placed in a specific area would be helpful to leave your delivery.

We will definitely work with you to make the delivery go as smooth as possible.

We deliver one time per week, 52 weeks a year.

Any driver instructions are greatly appreciated! We have two places where you can do this.

#1: On each order, we have a space at the bottom of the order screen, where you can leave a note for your driver.

#2: click on the "Account Options" tab.
Click on "Modify my Personal Information."
Enter any instructions into the "Notes for Driver" box,
Click "Save."

Not a problem! The majority of our customers are not able to be home, so we suggest that a cooler, large enough for your delivery, be placed in a specific area for your driver to leave your delivery in. If you need one, we have offer a porch box that has been designed to hold two large grocery bags.

We will deliver without a cooler, but it is highly recommended when there is inclement weather.

If you need to stop a delivery for any reason, we just ask that you click on the "Skip Delivery" tab.
Enter the date you will be leaving and the date you will return.
Click "Save."

If for any reason you find that you need to skip an order after your order cut off time, (family emergency, etc.), please email us, [email protected] or contact us by phone (301-798-2616) and we will do our best to stop the delivery for you.

We work hard to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and to make our delivery routes as efficient as possible. So we currently do not offer the option of picking your delivery day or time.

Yes! We deliver to apartment buildings, condos, schools, and even your place of business. See our "Discounts" page for more details.

General Questions

We send a weekly email every Friday which includes the following week's menu. At that time you will be able to customize your order.

To customize your order:

After the Weekly Menu has been posted (check your email or the Weekly Menu page), log in to your account. Click on the date of your next delivery. A full list of the items should be available. The bag will be reloaded with the items that are in our fixed bag.

To remove any item that you do not want, just place a zero in the quantity box. Then you can place a quantity in the box of the item that you wish to receive.

Hit the "Submit Order" button and you will be all set.

You may update your address by clicking on the "Account Options" tab. Click on "Modify your Personal Information." Enter your new billing/shipping address. Click "Save."

This will send us an automatic email to advise us that you have made a change on your account. If your delivery day or time changes we will notify you by email of your new delivery day or time.

You may update your credit card information by clicking on the "Account Options" tab. Click on "Modify your Personal Information." Enter your new credit card information. Click "Save."

For the most part, yes. About 95% of everything we offer is organic. There are a few exceptions to this rule. During our local growing season, there are some items that are just not possible to find locally and certified organic. These items include tree fruit and sweet corn, and are usually grown following Integrated Pest Management practices (IPM) that closely mirror organic methods, do not yet have official certification. We always make it clear what items are organic and what items are not on our menu each week.

Yes—we have a growing list of local farmers that we source from. We always go to our local farmers first. So while we are in season, our menu is 100% local. During the off season (typically Dec-April) we try to include as many local items as we can find, but then we also bring in organic produce from outside of our area—always keeping it with in the U.S., and again as close to home as possible.

No, we are a separate business. We represent many farms across the MD-VA-PA region.

Not at this time. Our customers have asked us to source meat and dairy products that are 100% grass-fed (not grain-finished) from pesticide-free pastures. We are also committed to only working with local cheese producers.

We also plan to source eggs and poultry that are not only certified humane, but also pasture-raised using mobile chicken coops (or "tractors") instead of large chicken houses. Certified humane simply means "access" to fresh air, but we want to ensure our poultry actually spend most of their time outside scratching at dirt and feasting on bugs.

Yes, we deliver 52 weeks of the year.

While it can be challenging to keep produce at its peak freshness (especially in the winter/off-season), good storage practices can go a long way. For example, never leave onions and potatoes in the same bag because the onions give off a gas that will over ripen the potatoes. For salad greens, wrap in a damp paper towel and store in a plastic bag in the fridge. Check out our storage tips page) for more ways to keep your Harvest fresh.

Because most of our produce is organic, sometimes this means it's "uglier" than grocery store produce. Our growers are not adding waxes or gases to artificially ripen the produce so that it is aesthetically pleasing. But ugly fruits & veggies are usually not on the verge of spoiling, and they are even more tasty/healthier than the "pretty" produce in the store. Seasons play a big role in the appearance of produce as well---produce tends to be bigger and more attractive during its natural growing season.

If for some reason, you have received an item that is not up to snuff, you can always let us know, and we would be glad to exchange or credit the item. Our goal is to make this a very positive experience for both the farmers and you the customers.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] or [email protected].

You may also contact us by phone at 301-798-2616. We will have someone get back to you as soon as possible.

It is up to you! We have charged you a refundable $1.50 deposit for the bag. If you decided to keep the bag, it is all yours! If you decide to return the bag, no problem at all. We will pick the bag up on your next schedule delivery, and issue your account a credit for the bag return

You can recycle them, or if they are clean, you can return them, and we can reuse them.

If you are looking for something in particular that you are not seeing on our menu, please send us an e-mail, [email protected] and we will do our best to find what you are looking for.

During the growing season, we will offer bulk specials depending on the harvest. We've been able to offer bulk berries, tomatoes, peaches, and apples in the recent past. If you would like to purchase something in bulk that's not on special, please let us know, [email protected] and we will try to discount the items as much as possible.

Please get in touch!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 301-798-2616


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