How Green is Hometown Harvest

Home Delivery?:

When asked, we were told that you wanted to buy local and support local farms, but you had a hard time finding the time to visit the local farmers markets or traveling to pick up locations of CSAs. 

Home delivery can be a challenging business, but if done right, home delivery can be an efficient and convenient way of doing business.  We keep our delivery routes efficient, making mutiple stops in every neighborhood.  Our van typically will make 80-100 stops per area.

Plus you benefit with no driving, no traffic, no standing in line, no impulse buying.  Just good, wholesome food right outside of your door.  It is just that simple!!

Our Green Reusable Grocery bags: Every week, we will stop by with your bag (or bags) of produce, using our reusable grocery bags.  Every week, you leave the bag(s) out for our driver, he will pick that up, and drop off a new one, filled with goodies. 

Our Inventory: Our inventory is on-demand delivered, or picked up fresh each morning, which means no giant coolers or cooled display cases running 24 hours a day.  

We don't waste anything!  

We recycle Everything... 
Produce boxes, crates, bins, skids, from the farms are always reused.  It will typically go back to the farmers to use, saving them money, and reducing a significant amount of trash from the landfill.    

We Compost: We don't waste food either..... We only get the produce that we need to fill your order.  So we don't carry inventory just to keep shelves stocked and looking full...this cuts down dramatically on waste.  If we have any produce that is left over or that is not up to our standards, we compost it on our family's farm. 

We are a web-based business:  Did you know that grocery stores send out over 300,000 flyers to households every week!!!  We are 100% online, all receipts, invoices, order sheets, etc. are online.  That saves countless trees.

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