Customer Testimonials



We always love to hear from you.  Your thoughts, suggestions, and comments have been such a blessing to us and all of the farmers that we support.  Here are just a few of the most recent reviews and comments:

Thanks so much....LOVED the corn!!!!! Will definitely order MORE!!! When I opened my cooler everything was chilled and all looked beautiful! Thanks for this service.

thanks again.....will definitely spread the word about South Mountain Veggies.

~Brenda Arcano, August 2012


I just wanted to let you know that both my husband, myself, and my friends who use your services are all very satisfied with your services. We have had so much more variety in our plates since we started receiving the bags of veggies and fruits! Thank you so much for providing this service.

 Annie Hamel, July 2012 


The rainbow carrots were a huge hit, they will definitely be on our list again, we had no idea how much better fresh-picked carrots tasted.  I'm enjoying the blueberries in my cereal this morning, also great. We're really looking forward to cooking tonight and using some of our new farm fresh veggies.  I'm so glad my friend recommended your service. 


Ellen Waldman, July 2012



Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday's extra delicious veggies and fruits. We served the 3 dozen ears of sweet corn to 40 friends and neighbors at a cookout last night and everyone raved that it was the sweetest ear of local corn they've eaten in years.   Please tell the grower!   Also, the golden beets and tomatoes and fresh mint went into a salad that was scrumptious.  (It's a Martha Stewart beet recipe).  Please tell the beet grower I was in heaven eating them.  And lastly, the sour cherry pie and the blueberry pie were the first things devoured on the big dessert buffet!  I promise I won't write letters every time I enjoy one of your delicious deliveries, but I really wanted to thank you for making our annual summer All-Star Baseball Game cookout extra fresh and delicious!   I think we gained you a few new customers in the bargain! 


Jenny McDonough, July 2012


It has been wonderful so far, thank you!  Last night I made cole slaw with the cabbage and carrots and hamburgers topped with lettuce and tomato.  The blueberries are gone already—my girls gobbled them down.  I ate tons of sugar snap peas dipped in our favorite hot sauce dip.  We received the box yesterday soon after you left.  We placed it in front of our garage door next to our milk box.  Fresh, fresh, fresh in this house!

Sarah Bowman, June 2012


I want to say I love your fruits and veggies! The freshness and quality can really be tasted. I love the variety of products available. I’ve been telling everyone I know. Your delivery guy is so nice too. Great Service—Thank you for providing it to us here at GDIT! 

Susan Kay, June 2012


We have been completely and utterly thrilled with your service and the amazing produce!!

Lally, June 2012


Dear South Mountain—Just a note to say how much I love your service!  What a wonderful treat it is to wake up every Thursday to a full load of great fruits and veggies, home delivered, and excellent quality.  I've been recommending you to all my friends. Thanks for your excellent work!

Ellen Shaw (Washington DC), May 2012


Abby and Tony—Thank you so much for delivering this wonderful fresh produce directly to our office. We are all sharing recipes and ideas. This is a great way for me to incorporate more fresh vegetables into my family’s diet and its already working. The bag contained more than I expected and everything was so fresh!! The asparagus was excellent and so was the cinnamon applesauce—just like my grandmother made.  I look forward to having the cauliflower tonight. Thanks for making it so convenient for us to make healthier choices.  I look forward to my next order. 
Karen, May 2012


I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it was, and how beautiful the produce was.  We’ve personally eaten a good bit of it and 4 of us have already exchanged kale recipes!  This is just a great service!!!!!!!!!! 

Debbie,  May 2012


My son is graduated and moving in with his aunt in the zipcode 22101. She told him that if he organizes it ALL and does ALL the cooking for them both, she will fund a weekly SMV order! (This is the son who survived college culling your yummy organics from my weekly bag and taking them back to Norfolk.)  

Irene, May 2012


I'm absolutely thrilled....I had some of the applesauce this morning and it was soooooo good.  I'm already planning a beautiful spinach salad with fresh strawberries for lunch. The size of the bag is perfect for someone who lives alone (although I am sharing the applesauce with my's one of her favorites)!  I'm very pleased and I'm looking forward to next week already! 

Lisa, May 2012



Thank you for this service and this email to check in.  You are EXACTLY what I have been looking for in this area for about the last 7 years!  I just didn't know you existed.  But the abilities to customize the products and skip deliveries when needed, along with critical elements of quality organics at fair prices, mean I see a lot of orders in our future.  So far, I am happy with your service!  Thank you. 

Jennie, April 2012


Hi South Mountain Veggies / Brusco Family,


I'm a graduate student preparing to graduate in May 2012, so I am wholly consumed by thesis writing and what seems to be an endless swirl of meetings.


Your service is so amazing. As a student, I'm perpetually broke, making it impossible for me to pay for something like a CSA share. But I'm also a lover of good food, used to easy access to fresh produce after years of living in Asia. Your deliveries keep me in budget and, most importantly, out of Giant. 


Thank you again. 

Lesley, April 2012



My first delivery was perfect and we have already enjoyed several items from our bag. My order was delivered promptly and I can feel good that I am able to serve farm fresh, organic produce to my family. I have never purchased micro pea tendrils before and found them to be a great addition to a salad, but are perfectly lovely on there own. I hope to be introduced to other new items in the future. I hope to order weekly and am looking forward to watching my bag change with the seasons.


Thank you so much,

Lillie, March 2012


 I just want to tell you that I've been eating Tofu for 25 years.  And now, as a vegetarian, it is my staple diet.  I know Tofu like many people know cuts of meat.  I've had it all.  It has been a challenge for me to find decent Tofu and to cook it to the consistency I desire.  I  have always settled for less.  When I saw you carried Tofu, I was excited, but thought I would just give it a try thinking it would probably not be any different or better.  Much to my surprise, it was and is the best Tofu I've ever eaten and the texture is exactly what I've always wanted from Tofu—firm and dry.  I don't know where you get it from, but PLEASE keep ordering from them.  :)  Thanks so much.

About the granola.  I'm also a granola fan.  I was eating granola when it was first popularized in the 70s.  I buy it whenever I can find good quality and I make it when I have time.  But the granola I buy and the granola I make has never been as good as the granola you sent.  It is outstanding - it is the perfect combination of crispness and flavor and freshness.  I literally ate the bag in 2 days. 

I am so glad I joined in with your organization.  The organic vegetables are better than the organic vegetables I buy at the local market.  The Pink Lady apples are delicious—crisp and sweet, the Brussel sprouts (another staple in my diet) are flavorful and moist, and the cucumbers actually have flavor, but not just the flavor cukes are supposed to have—these are actually sweet! 

I am just in veggie heaven.  Again, I am just so thrilled that I learned about your organization and joined, even when I was hesitant thinking it was just another vegetable co-op.  I had no idea of the quality I would be getting. 
    I have already been telling others about you and I will continue.  My next approach is to prepare and serve my friends so they can taste the difference.  :) - Thanks again. 

Jeani, March 2012

 We ARE IN LOVE with South Mountain Veggie delivery!  I have been telling all my friends about your service and encouraging them to sign up if you deliver to their neighborhoods.  I hope you get some new customers from my rave reviews :-)
I first heard about your company last year, but although I read the website thoroughly I wasn't sure of a few things that I now understand as a paying customer.  You really are different from any CSA-type service I have encountered before.  I wish I had known that I would have such complete control over exactly what goes in my bag, whether I get delivery every week or every other week, that I can put deliveries on hold whenever I need to without paying, that I can change the size of my order whenever I's amazing.  I also really appreciate that the weekly menu tells me exactly where everything is from so I can make an informed decision about local produce.  And the mystery of quality and quantity has been answered too—maybe photographs of each size bag's pile of produce would let interested parties know how much they can actually expect to receive?  That's what I've sent to my friends.

Amy, March 2012 


 My family has used South Mountain Veggies several times in the last month. The first time, I thought, "this is not actually that much for a family of four." But you know what,  the next week at delivery time, we still had some produce left over from the first time. (The produce seems to keep better than a lot of store-bought varieties, and I can only imagine that's because it's fresher to begin with.)  The veggies have been absolutely delicious. The last time we got carrots, they were so sweet you could almost eat them as candy.   We are a 90% vegetarian family so we've always eaten a lot of veggies. Since we started with SMV, we are eating even more, and I have to say they are more interesting. I love not having to remember to drive to the farmers' market on Saturdays so that I can stand in line for whatever they have left. I love the fact that the stock I get is almost all organic; when I shop in the store and I see organic produce costs more, I might default to conventionally grown. Since most of my produce is now delivered, it removes that poor choice!  I love that I am supporting local farmers and sustainable, earth-friendly farming. I love that we're eating in season with the rhythms of Mother Nature.  


One last little story:  Last weekend I traveled for work. I called my teenage son to see how he was doing and he mentioned he had made ratatouille from the ingredients in our fridge!  (What teenage boy does that?)  I can't credit SMV for his love of veggies, but I can credit you for making sure we have a nice supply of delicious, colorful produce to spark our creativity. 


P.S. I thought my husband might balk at having produce delivered but he loves it too.

Krista, March 2012

  Just wanted to put in writing a warm thank you to South Mountain, and especially to Ashton—last week I had my produce shipment stolen from my doorstep. On Thursday morning, when I woke up to a veggie-less front stoop, I called SMV to try and figure out whether the shipment did not make it. Ashton was extremely helpful. She double-checked that the shipment was indeed delivered, but also arranged for a replacement to be delivered to me that same afternoon.

March 2012

 Abby, the carrots today were SO delicious!!  Sweet and perfect. 

I wish we had more—they were gone as soon as the kids got home from school!


March 2012

 I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy this service.  My household has never had such delicious fruits and vegetables before!  It is wonderful to know that I can eat this kind of food every single day without having to worry about running out of something or making up a grocery list.  On top of that, the cost is just about the same AND I get the chance to support local growers instead of the food mills that make a mockery of everything that could possibly go in a salad!   Thank you again and I look forward to using this service for a long long time.
Igor,  March 2012

 Thank you for checking in! We LOVED our first delivery. We have a 10-month-old daughter and thanks to you, she has had beets, cinnamon applesauce, and gluten-free bread in the last few days. Thank you. We are grateful. We are a gluten-free household and I really appreciate the gluten-free options you have. The apple cinnamon bread is delicious.
We look forward to all of the good food ahead! 

Libby, Feb 2012

 Hi Tony,  Not sure if you remember me, but you helped me coordinate the preschool snack program last year. If you remember, I got extremely ill around Feb and remained ill until Sept when our healthy baby daughter was born. Well worth it!   I just wanted to say "thank you" again for giving my idea a chance. If it were not for you, along with Sherri (the director), and all of the moms that help me prep the produce each week, it could not have been done. I know for sure that all 50 of those kids received more nutrition during school hours for that entire year thanks to that change in the menu. Smoothie Fridays (made with any extra produce from the delivery) were a favorite and I heard many moms speaking about how their kids were more willing to try fruits/vegetables at home thanks to seeing their peers eat them at school. Thanks again.
Angie,  Feb 2012


 I have now been through the whole bag of fruit that you delivered to me. The fruit was all very good. I particularly liked the red orange navel and the pink ladies. Delicious! I was also pleasantly surprised to see that there were more pieces of fruit than what the invoice said. That was a special bonus!  I just placed another order. 

Paola, Feb 2012

 Overall, I've been pleased so far.  The cauliflower was yummy (roasted it with tandoori spices last night) and the strawberries are gorgeous.  I also really appreciate that the use of bags/containers was minimized, and that items like cauliflower and kale were not bagged.  As for delivery, I enjoyed the overnight timing, so that it was there in the morning and didn't sit out on my porch all day.  Valerie, Feb. 2012

 I wanted to thank you for an awesome service that you are providing.  The past two weeks of scrumptious fruit + veg have been a lifesaver.  I just started doing a nutritional challenge with my gym, Crossfit Fairfax, to follow the Paleo diet for 8 weeks.  I posted on our site for people in the challenge to check you guys out!  Knowing what will be coming every week makes it a lot easier. 


Thanks again!

Pia, Feb 2012


 The vegetables are wonderful! We will have a very nice Christmas meal this year thanks to you. I especially like how expertly they were packed. You must have very talented people working at South Mountain Veggies! The box is very nice, too.

Janet, Dec 2011


 So I love your service—I love that I can still get seasonal produce from local providers.  A few newsletters ago you mentioned that some of your growers were Amish.  I love that, too!  I love that the produce arrives here in great shape.  My husband (who was rather non-committal to start) has even converted, after tasting the peaches (unbruised!) this summer.  I also appreciate that you are pushing me in a way I would not push myself. I would not normally choose to buy kale, but since it comes in my veggie bag, I have found ways of preparing kale that I think are pretty good.  I have discovered new recipes to cope with the pears, and the those tiny baby eggplants you had not so long ago have become a new favorite vegetable of mine.

Margie, Dec 2011



 I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed my first delivery!!! My delivery was on my front porch looking beautiful and well packed. The vegetables and fruit were wonderful! I roasted the butternut squash and my 14-month-old son absolutely loved them. The swiss chard was used in a pasta. I plan on ordering again this week and many more weeks to come. Thank you again for a wonderful service.

Antionette Dec. 2011


  This morning I am making applesauce for my kids with this week's apples, and roasting vegetables for lunch. We have only received a couple of deliveries but wanted to say your service has changed the way we eat. I have eaten and cooked things for my family that I wouldn't have even recognized before, and talked to our kids about eating more fruit and veggies and supporting local farmers. It's been a huge success and we just love it, and I wanted to send a big thanks to you and your service and your farmers. This service sounded like a great idea when I first heard of it, but it's even better than I expected. Thank you!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and thanks for making ours more yummy. :) -Tracey 11/2011

  My husband and I have gotten more and more into organics over the past year.  Although we have several supermarkets in the area that have some wonderful organic produce, it's certainly wonderful to have alternatives.  We will likely continue to order from you at least monthly.


Thank you for your hearts in putting out healthier produce.  It's made a huge difference in the life of my husband and me.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your. -Terri 11/2011


  I would also like to let you know that I have been very happy with South Mountain Veggies.  The food is always fresh and delicious and I do plan on signing back up for deliveries in a few months. -Jennifer 11/2011


  I just wanted to say that the green leaf lettuce has been EXCELLENT the past two weeks.  Really crisp and fresh and delicious.  Please thank your grower for us.  We just love it! -Elizabeth 11/2011


  Just wanted you to know that my son did his first independent steps today, almost exactly one month before his 5th birthday! We are all so proud of him but not as proud as he is of himself. I am telling you this because parents of children with special needs tend to second guess themselves all the time that they are doing the best for their child. Since I started feeding my family with South Mountain Creamery and South Mountain Veggies I have not had to worry that the quality of my son's food was aynthign other than top of the line quality. Thanks you for that peace of mind. Every fruit and veggies smoothie I make for us feeds us with more than just nutrition! - Driana 11/2011


  I do understand that not everything goes as planned when the weather is involved and appreciate that you do try to use locally sourced produce whenever possible. Again, thanks for providing a great home delivery service and we look forward to our next order with you. - Jessie 11/2011


  I just wanted to say I am loving my medium bag custom made-- The carrots are gone now, the spinach, is gone now, one avocado down, one pear down, oranges gone, gerens gone. I love vegetables but sadly dont know what to do with butternut squash (which I love roasted probably) and dont know how to cook beets.. so I have to youtube that:) I travel a lot so I cant have a standing order but anytime I am in town I will be ordering. -Adriana 11/2011


  I just recieved my first South Mountain Veggies order. I love it! I had it delivered to work because you do not yet deliver to my home area. I ha ve shown the veggies to everyone. I love this concept. I had a groupon which was for a medium bag which is a lot for a single person so next time I will order a small. I just wanted you to knoe that there will be a next time. I will definintely order a small bag as soon as I go through this bag. I am looking forward to beautiful roasted veggies tonight and asian pear with my lunch today. I've never bought kale bfore so I am looking forward to trying "kale chips" which are all the rage right now. - Brenda 11/2011


  I just want to let you know that I ordered my custome basket a few weeks ago with my groupon and we were so pleased with all the produce that we got. Everything was fresh, well packaged, in good oncdition, and most of all delicious. I really enjoyed that week in the kitchen of thinking of ways to use up all the good stuff, andI still have some delicata squash left. I am certainly looking forward to placing orders here and there as things peak my interest. - Sara 11/2011


  Thank you so much for teh great veggies delivered to our house yesterday. They were fantastic, and we're excited to get more from you next week. - Sara 11/2011


  I have to say that your customer service is impeccable...warm, friendly, and overall outstanding. Every encounter I've had with your staff on the phoen has been wonderful. You should be proud of the people you have working there. I love what I got. Thanks again for a great experience. - Lori 11/2011


  I just wanted to say thank you.  This is only our second week of deliveries and we are SO impressed.  We tried a different delivery service in the past  and were really disappointed by their quality.  Everything we have gotten from South Mountain has been amazing.  We absolutely love it.  Thank you for being so awesome! :-) - Kristen  11/2011



  AMAZING!  Very happy.  Thanks - Leighann 11/2011


  Hi folks at South Mountain Veggies, I tried your service for the first time last week with the Groupon deal I bought ages ago. It was excellent! I was somewhat hesitant since I wouldn't have a chance to touch and see the produce I'd purchase, but I was very impressed with what was in my bag. Eating local has been a struggle for me in the past, but I feel like I'm comfortable enough now with my cooking skills to do it!  I'm ordering again this week.  Thanks for all you do! - Metta (one happy, food-loving vegan) 10/2011

  "First of all, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for the quality of product and service that you provide.  I have received four deliveries since joining SMV and have been so pleased with the entire process, from perusing the available items to finding them outside my front door in the morning.   I applaud you and your staff for your efforts to increase the community's awareness and appreciation of locally grown (and baked) foods" -- J. Gerard 10/2011 

  Loved it..appreciated everything about your products: timely delivery - excellent quality and freshness of every item - bonus of a re-usable bag. We grilled up a medley of veggies last night and it was excellent.  And the salad greens were exceptional. Only wish there were more than two of us in the house these days to warrant ordering your products on a regular basis. But I will certainly recommend you to others with full accolades.  Many thanks for introducing such a fine company to us."-- Maureen 10/2011  

  Perfect delivery and it was still there this morning! Hahaha. Your stuff is gorgeous - it's healthy and clean and there is variety. The scallions and cilantro are some of the most fragrant I've ever smelled. I bought into an organic farm coop seasonal share about 10 years ago and it cost a fortune and was a complete mess - the same three filthy, ratty vegetables week after week after week. I am very happy with what you delivered and look forward to eating all of it! :)" - Susan 10/2011

  I got home from running errands to find a wonderful assortment of fruits and vegetables at my door.  I cooked the kale last night and everyone enjoyed it and remarked that it tasted better than the greens from the grocery store."- 10/2011

  Just wanted to say I got my first order today, and was super-impressed.  First off, your delivery guys beat me - I went outside at quarter til 8 to put out my cooler and my veggies were already waiting.  Everything looks great, and we're plotting how to use everything. - 10/2011

  Hi there, I am glad you wrote because I wanted to tell you how thrilled we were with delivery.  I've tried a few companies before and am especially impressed with you guys.  I've been looking for a regular delivery service.  I am so glad you guys did the Groupon." - 10/2011

  When I get home Friday it will be like Christmas in the kitchen--getting the goodies delivered makes it seem like opening presents and not just groceries.  Thanks." - 10/2011

  You guys are the BEST!  We have been in Europe for the last two weeks, and are looking forward to stocking up on produce and fruits again! We had to pass on a few items to neighbors before we left so they would not go to waste, and now they are new customers of yours too! Do we get a free squash or something for referrals?  LOL" - 10/2011

  Honestly I can't thank you enough for your service, I was diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis and am on a limited diet of mainly fruits and vegetables, my husban and I can't thank you enough, the variety inspires us to try new things and eat healthier for both of us." - 10/2011

  Abby, I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my green bag full of luscious fruits and vegetables.  Somehow the bag was even delivered to my apartment door this morning.  I've been talking about the wonderful vegetables to so many people that perhaps someone leaving the building allowed your delivery man inside -- or someone recognized the bag and brought it to my door.  Last week I made borsht with beets, great vegetable soup with sherry, snacks of sweet peppers and humus, apples with oatmeal and walnuts and green beans with feta and a vinaigrette dressing!  It's like being back on the farm where I grew up! Can't thank you enough!"--Joan Kelley 9/2011

  Hi Abby!! I LOVE it!  I used a Groupon for my first order, but I'm definitely signing up! Also your delivery guy (Shane) was great- I happened to be pulling up, he was super nice and answered a couple of questions I had.  Thanks!!" - Melissa 9/2011

  I'm a new customer and i want to say thank you.  Your delicious fruits and veggies, and the convenience of your service, has improved our quality of life, not to mention our diets.  -  9/2011

  We are, by the way, very happy with the products!" - 9/2011



  OMG those were the BEST BRUSSEL SPROUTS I have ever HAD!!" - 9/2011

  WOW....those peaches were awesome and 4 and 5 year old daughter ate all of them yesterday in one sitting! Thanks (Something to do until power finally came back on. - 9/2011

  I was more than impressed with the quality and variety of the produce I received!  Thank you so much!"  -- Luke 9/2011

  Thank you so much, everything we've tried so far is delicious."- 9/2011

  I just picked up our "Medium Bag" from the cooler.  Holy cow, that's a lot of fruits and veggies!  We can't wait to dive in!!" 9/2011

   Hi -- I just wanted to let you know how happy we've been with our veggies and service.  Thank you so much!  Everything is wonderful--tasty, fresh and clean.  We're really happy!” -the Lash family 9/2011

  Just wanted to give you some quick feedback -- we are loving the veggies (and fruits)!  Most of this week my lunch has been made up almost entirely of South Mountain Veggies products.  My breakfast, too, this morning (veggie omelet).  And you are correct, my son's snacking habits have dramatically improved with strawberries and apples available.  We've been waiting all winter for this good stuff!
 By the way, I often commute by bicycle into Washington on a local bike trail (the W&OD) and as I approached a street crossing in Falls Church on Wednesday morning, one of your drivers kindly paused for us bicyclists to cross.  Another bicyclist waiting to cross called out, "South Mountain Veggie Rocks!  Of course he got no argument from me. :-)  But your reputation is spreading!  Thought you'd like to know.” --
Elizabeth MacGregor


  First, we love the veggies and want to say thank you for offering it!

We like the variety, especially for introducing us to new items, such as kohlrabi, kale, collard greens, beets, even patty pan squash.  Especially after the first few weeks, it seemed that a lot of thought went into the week's selection, so that we didn't get mostly leafy veggies, for example.  We're enjoying eating veggies in season, too.
The e-mail you send about the bag's contents is very helpful--I use it to plan meals.
For the "single" box, the quantities were fine for 2 people.  Many times we could finish the veggies during that week, so little was wasted or frozen for later.  Quality and taste--great!” --M. Brazier & B. Locke


  We have absolutely loved loved loved having this service.  We were stuck in the same ol' same ol' every time I went to the grocery store, but now we have fresh, healthy, different veggies every week and I've been serving all new yummy meals.  So this is a wonderful service and we plan to continue to use it.  I also love the recipes on the blog and have used many of them and some have become weekly staples for us.  They are easy to do for a NON cooker and taste wonderful.”-- K.  Hasenberg

  We love the veggies! The quality and the quantity are both wonderful and well worth it. We look forward to our delivery every week. Keep up the good work!”-- M.  Dowling

  I decided to try a CSA (community supported agriculture) for the first time this year and I joined two. You are by far the best -- variety, state of the veg and fruit, love the delivery at my door and vacation stops. I could not be more pleased. I will definitely stay enrolled with you. Keep up the fabulous work!” --K. Morris

  We LOVE the service. I think the corn this week was the best we have had all season! The quantity, quality, and variety of veggies and produce have consistently been fabulous– I’ve tried two other CSA subscriptions, and was not happy with either of them, but this has been exactly what I was hoping for”. --Jim and Erica Spaulding

  The fresh farm produce rolls in,  and there's no temptation to slack off and return to poor diets and junk foods anymore” --IEB

  We LOVE this service and are so grateful for it! Thanks for the wonderful customer service, the delicious produce, and the chance to enjoy it all year long!”--C. Bailey

  I just wanted to let you know that when I first signed up for this service, I was slightly frustrated that I had to take what you sent w/o the ability to choose. Now I am thrilled that it has worked out that way! Tonight I just made a new recipe with the rainbow chard and I LOVED it! I have tried new things that I never would have tried otherwise and have found a number of things that I just love and will buy on my own if you don't send me enough. :-) My current favorites are kale, chard, turnips and parsnips. Never thought I'd crave those weird vegetables, but I do"--C. Schiffrin





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