Making Your First Order
This tutorial will guide you through the process of :

·        Creating Your Account

·        Placing Your Order

·        Customizing your bag

·        Your Recurring order

·        Skipping a delivery

·        Adding more items to your order



Create your Account

Please first create your account so that we have your billing and delivery information

1.     Click 

2.     Fill in all fields as required

3.     Click Submit

4.     Our staff will get back to you within a few days, with all of your delivery information and details including your delivery day, time, drivers name, etc. 

5.     Once you set up an account, it’s time to Shop!


(Screen cast clip “registration”)



Placing Your Order:

Log in to your account to begin,

·         Enter your username and password into our home page (#1) or click on the login in button in the top menu bar (#2).

·         Once logged in, you will see a list of your delivery weeks.

1.     Select the week you would like to edit.

2.     Click Browse

3.     Add the Bag that you would like

a.     ** Every Friday we send out a menu with what is seasonally available for the following week.  As soon as this happens, the menu will also appear on your order. 

4.     Select the desired frequency ( you can always change this later)

5.     Save and continue shopping for other items, or simply review your order.  


(screen cast Clip “ log in / placing your first order)



Customizing your bag:

Before we begin, we are assuming the following has already occurred :

·        You have registered

·        We have added a custom produce bag to your first order.

o   Fixed bag’s are sold at a discount, and cannot be customized

·        We have sent you a welcome e-mail with your delivery day, time, drivers name, etc. 

Every Friday we will send out an e-mail that will let you know what items are in season and available for next week.  When you receive this e-mail, you may log in to your account, and begin to customize your bag for next week.  You have until your order cut off time, to make changes. 

1.     Log in to your account.

2.     Click the delivery week you wish to edit.

3.     Your shopping cart should be full of all of the possible items that you can use as part of your produce bag.  The number of portions depends on the size bag you have selected.  The bag will be preloaded with what is in the fixed bag.

4.     To make a change, you first must subtract a portion, then you can add a portion back in to the bag of something else. 

5.     After you have made all of the changes that you wish,  click submit order.

6.     You can now browse to add additional items to your bags. 

(Customizing Screen cast clip)




Your Recurring order

As you add items to your cart, you will be able to select the frequency that you would like them delivered.  Everything from one time only, every week, or every other week (noted by week 1 or week 2). 

Many of our customers select one of our produce bags to receive every week.  So if you forget to log in, you will at least be sure to receive your allotment of fresh produce.  This also helps us and our farmers plan better to make sure you receive only the freshest produce available. 

You can edit your reoccurring items by:

1.     Log in to your account

2.     Click reoccurring Items. 

3.     You can now add or remove items as you wish.

4.     You can actually set the frequency of each item, so you may want to have your medium custom share bag arrive every week, and then have the fruit bag arrive every other week.   So that every other week, you will receive both the medium bag and the fruit bag. 


(Reoccurring order – Screen cast clip)


Skipping a Delivery

1.     Log in to your account

2.     Click skip deliveries

3.     Enter your departing and returning dates

4.     Click save away/vacation dates

5.     ** Steps to have the order donated ***


          (skip delivery, screen cast clip)




Adding more items to your order

1.     Log in to your account

2.     Click Shop

3.     Browse our online Farmers Market

4.     Click add to order

a.     Select the desired week and frequency

5.     Click save and continue shopping – to shop more

6.     Click save and review your order – to check your cart.

(Screen cast clip – add products to your order)




Thank you for shopping South Mountain Veggies !

If you have any further questions, please call us at  301-798-2616 for assistance.



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