Sprouted out of the comments of our friends and family, watered by the love of healthy eating, and grown by the passion of supporting local agriculture.
The seeds were sown...

Brusco kidsSince 2001, we have been deeply involved in local farming and agriculture.

After years of building and developing the family dairy business, we found ourselves discovering “truths” about the American diet, which ignited a fire in us to bring healthy local fruits and veggies to the market. The idea started small. We envisioned that we would deliver the produce in the back of my pick-up truck on the weekends as a way to teach our kids about hard work.

We underestimated the demand...big time. Before we made our first delivery, we realized that we had to think bigger.

We put down roots...

radishesIn June 2009, we worked with just a handful of growers and made 250-300 home deliveries every week. Now four years later, we are approaching 1,000 homes, several workplaces, working with more than 150 trusted farms in our area.

Working with so many farmers allowed us to offer a wide variety of different fruits and veggies. Our delivery areas expanded to include counties in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. We now have four full-service "Veggie Vans".

In 2011, we expanded our product lines to provide a more complete farmers-market-at-your-door experience. We added fresh artisan breads, rolls, and pastries, which are all baked daily to order. We also introduced pickles, granola, plus gluten-free products to support folks with special diet needs.

The "Harvest" has just begun...

hometown harvest delivery vanThrough the support of our customers, we've been able to include more local growers, especially young farmers who are just starting out. We're helping them invest in season-extending, sustainable methods so we can eat fresh food year-round, and they have a reliable income.

Exciting things remain on the horizon for the Hometown Harvest community of growers and customers, and we are honored to help make healthy living easy for the MD-DC-VA region.


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